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The World’s Largest Pencil Finds a New Home

This August a team of builders, under the direction of Ashrita Furman, built the world’s largest pencil. Measuring 76 feet, the pencil was built to maintain the exact proportions of a standard pencil. You can read about the pencil’s building here

The Guiness Record Breaking pencil was built to honour Sri Chinmoy’s 76th birthday

The Pencil has been lying in Jamaica, Queens, but has now found a home at a museum in St Louis.

The pencil is so large it showed up on satellite screens, prompting a visit by local police officers; they were relieved to find it was a giant pencil, rather than a missile!

Bob Cassilly, the founder of the St Louis City Museum said he was happy to take the unusual pencil. He said: “We’re sort of like opportunists and we don’t have a plan, the museum just grows organically by whatever goes our way.”

The pencil had to be cut in half to be transported


Ministry of Silly Walks Video

A few weeks back we had a gathering in London, where a few friends took part in some humorous skits. Premamrita was marvellous as Tommy Cooper. My contribution was to take part in Monty Python’s silly walks.

“That’s it is it? It’s not particularly silly is it?”

“You see Mr Puddy there’s a very real problem of finance…”


Life Voices – and the Art of Kyudo

Life Voices offers a range of interviews with people of inspiration and distinction.

In recent episode there is an interview with Mamie Mayanaki about Kyudo an ancient Martial Art form. There seems to be some shared ideas with the concept of meditation. The idea of being fully concentrated and fully aware.

It reminds me of a story from the Bhagavad Gita. There are some trainee archers and Krishna asks them what they see. The archers say various things like the target and the woods, e.t.c. But, when Sri Krishna asks Arjuna what he sees, Arjuna replies only the bullseye. Krishna was very pleased with Arjuna and it was Arjuna alone who could hit the target.

Life Voices Video Podcast 

Life Voices at Sri Chinmoy TV

Life voices is produced by Kedar Misani.


Leonard Bernstein and Ode to Joy

Sri Chinmoy was a great admirer and friend of Leonard Bernstein – one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth Century. Fortunately Sri Chinmoy and Leonard Bernstein had the opportunity to meet on a number of occasion and could share their love of music

Extract From: Second Meeting with Leonard Bernstein

SRI CHINMOY: Our admiration for you is also boundless. Just recently in Central Park, you gave so much joy to 500,000 people-not for a fleeting second but for hours. It is beyond the flight of our imagination how a single God-lover can inspire, illumine and give joy to 500,000 people. For us, this is something unheard of!

LEONARD BERNSTEIN: I think the secret is what you said about not a fleeting second. The secret of music is that it makes time stop. We are all prisoners of clock time: “I have to be at my job” or “I have to see my wife” or “I promised I would be there at eight o’clock and it’s now that time.” What music does is release you from that, so that you can be in the time of the music.

The YouTube clip below is of Leonard Bernstein conducting Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. – I feel Ode to Joy is a fitting tribute to the musical life of Leonard Bernstein.

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Top of the BLogs

Unmesh shares some beautiful photos from his archive.

Here’s hoping 2008 is a better year than 2007 – article at self improvement blog

Some New Year’s resolutions from Priyadarshan’s blog which might help it occur – on the sunlit path with Sri Chinmoy.

Good Cop – Bad Cop – when The New Year comes.

Recent holiday in the Carribean, here’s a post about an interfaith experience at a Cathedral in Santa Domingo


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