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Best 404 Error Page

Does anyone have a good 404 Error page?

Did you know that 404 error pages are the most commonly visited webpages on the internet, and yet are usually the ones with least effort.

Here are my feeble attempts:

Sri Chinmoy self improvement blog 404 page error page


Amputee Football Photos

5 years after Sierra Leone`s brutal civil war ended the Freetown Amputee Football Team gather on Aberdeen Beach to practice for an upcoming match. During the war an estimated 20,000 men, women and children had limbs hacked off by the RUF and its child soldiers.

Football has provided many of them with with new identity and a sense of purpose. They are popular figures in Freetown and have been praised by other amputees for helping to lift some of the stigma surrounding their disability.

Photos by: Nabik Daniel Hunt – Image Lounge


Panorama Cafe

Since spending a week in Jamaica, New York, I have spent quite a lot of time in the The Panorama of my silence-heart cafe. 

Situated just 2 blocks away from my flat, it provides a convenient location for a cup of tea and somewhere to do a bit of work on a laptop.

The drinks menu is quite extensive, although I have only tested the teas and coffee’s. There is also a good selection of food, including salads, soup of the day and sandwiches. The soup of the day was particularly good accompanied by baguettes.

In the evening, there is often music and the cafe is thoughtfuly decorated; it gives the impression you could be in a large living room.
It’s all pretty good value, although it’s helped by the weakness of the dollar, which makes everything in the US seem half price.

I have helped Ketan design a website for the cafe which you can visit here: Panorama Cafe 

Panorama Cafe only opened fairly recently but it has already received some good reviews – Reviews of Panorama Cafe 


World Record for Harmony

Organisers of the World Harmony Run in Cambridge will be attempting to break a new Guinness World Record when the World Harmony Run visits 14th May

The record will be for the largest game of Chinese Whispers.

If you would like to take part in this record for World Harmony then visit the website at World Record for Harmony 

The World Harmony Run

The World Harmony Run is a global relay aiming at creating greater friendship and harmony between different people around the world. The World Harmony Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1986.

Today, in New York, the American leg of the World Harmony Run began outside the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations building. You can read about the Start of the World Harmony Run here: World Harmony Run begins in the US 


Gardening Blog


We have started a new blog about gardening.

When I was studying PPE at Oxford University, I was very keen on gardening and even thought about taking it up as a career (when I got bored reading John Stuart Mill, I would try learning Latin names of plants. My room and corridor was full of cuttings and seedlings. After finishing my degree I got a job as a gardener, at my college Lady Margaret Hall. I worked there for a year before switching to teaching economics

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