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Soul-birds by Sri Chinmoy

From 1991 to 2007, Sri Chinmoy drew millions of soul-birds. He began drawing these unique creations whilst on a visit to Malta. Sri Chinmoy also termed them ‘Dream-Freedom Peace-Birds’

When signing his name, Sri Chinmoy often added these spontaneous bird drawings. In Oslo 2001, I bought a book from a Norwegian Bookshop. It was beautifully signed by Sri Chinmoy with his name and also two small birds. The book was a Norwegian translation of “Wings of Joy”, but it was worth it just for the artwork.

On some occasions, you were able to buy original soul-birds and I took the opportunity whenever I could.

These are some soul-birds from my own personal collection.


Soul-birds by Sri Chinmoy (CKG)

CKG is how Sri Chinmoy signed  his artwork. It stands for his full name: Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

The logo on the top left of this website is Sri Chinmoy’s own handwriting. Here he wrote my spiritual name ‘Tejvan’ with two customary soul-birds either side. Continue Reading →


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