The joy of grammar

When I went to Oxford University, I remember a professor handing back an essay with a mark B+. He added the comment – “Very good, but it would have been an A – if you had given even the briefest attention to correct grammar and spelling”. I remember being very happy to get a B+ from Oxford. That was good enough for me!

Since, almost by accident, I have become a ‘professional blogger’ / ‘professional writer’, I am endeavouring to improve this aspect of writing, and over the years have learnt to enjoy this aspect of writing more. (1)

I did intend to write an article here, but it made more sense to share at my Cycling Blog, for my long-suffering cycling readers.

This is the article from Cycling Uphill.

Proof-reading blogs

One other point of interest that has changed my perceptions of grammar is working with Sri Chinmoy’s writings at Sri Chinmoy Library. In this particular field, I get great joy from correcting even the smallest error. Reading Sri Chinmoy’s writings, especially the poetry, does give a different perspective to the importance and value of perfection.

One other thing worth mentioning is that I am now using ‘Grammarly‘ – a plugin for Firefox. It is helpful for catching some grammatical issues. It is not always correct – but, since I write a lot, it is quite helpful. I am now spending my time checking through all the articles I’ve published over the year. Just a shame I have about 5,000 articles to get through…

It did annoy/amuse me when I wrote “elderly people”, and it underlined the phrase and said:

“This phrase is possibly politically incorrect and may be deemed outdated, disrespectful or offensive to some people.”


(1) Nearly published this as (‘and other the years have learnt’)

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