First flowers of the year. Spring crocus popping up from my newly laid Cotswold gravel.

Time is flying by at the moment. Not much time for photography or even writing. But, the exciting news is that traffic at Tejvan.co.uk has doubled from 20 people a day to 40 page views per day on account of ranking for “Shakespeare Jokes.

In celebration, I made a very poor photoshop effort.


“Now is the winter of our discount tent” – Richard III

I need to admit I didn’t think of this joke. But, it’s hard to think of original jokes, when the Bard has been lying five feet under for a few centuries.

We have a joy weekend in Stratford Upon Avon coming up, so if you know any good jokes for “Alas poor Yorick”. Send them by pigeon courier, and they may wriggle their way into a play.

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