Generosity of spirit

I have been seeking treatment for a persistent hip problem. One of those injuries which stubbornly hangs around longer than it should. Not particularly painful but enough to halt cycling.

I have gone through numerous practitioners – physiotherapists, osteopaths – to no avail. I remember Sri Chinmoy saying ( I paraphrase) we should choose one doctor and stick with them until it is clear nothing is improving.

The time period to stay with a doctor (with a problem like this) is not an easy judgement to make. Everyone offers a different viewpoint depending on their background.

Anyway after trying several options. I decided I would stick with one particular osteopath until it got better. Unfortunately, after several visits – it wasn’t getting any better – if anything getting worse.

When I was about to book another appointment, the osteopath suggested I see another colleague who might have different ideas. He wasn’t happy no progress was being made.

In two weeks I visited the other osteopath and he suggested a different approach – namely the mechanics of the body was fine, but there were lingering pain pathways. He suggested retraining particular muscles and making more efforts to get on bike. I was quite inspired and feel this is a promising diagnosis.

What I appreciated was the generosity of spirit of the first doctor. To suggest a colleague may have a better idea – is nobility of character. Sometimes human emotion is to think “My way is always the best. I don’t want someone else to appear better than me.”

To put interests of patient above own sense of ego is a higher ideal. And of course, if we have this generosity of spirit, our reputation will definitely benefit in the long run.

So, good people exist.

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