Vegetables growing quick

It’s nearly the longest day of the year and the vegetable patch is in full flow.


I’m really happy with the cucumber plant on the right. I bought a small seedling four weeks ago, and it has grown really quick. The one on left came mailorder a week ago, but doesn’t look as healthy as the one I grew. It is a bit of a suntrap in this veg planter. I planted the odd lettuce as gap fillers, but the broccoli has soon smoothered. I think I made beginner’s mistake of planting too closely – I think everyone does first time.

I have bought some nets for upcoming butterfy season.

Let’s see if the cucumber start to grow!

The cut and come lettuce is amazing. Everyday I cut a plentiful plateful. The next day, it has grown back as if you never cut in first place.    Peas are doing pretty well, just starting to flower. The leeks look stunted but they are slower to mature

More cucumber.

This is looking from Veg planter south.

The pink border

I thought I’d be rebellious and plant the odd veg in the flower borders.

The problem is the fat wood pigeon has been eating away! Next up is the butterfly season.

Veg planters behind daisies.

Ladybird useful for eating aphids.The compost bins stand like sentinels. They are churning away the plant leftovers.

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  1. Priyadarshan June 18, 2018 at 6:11 am #

    If one’s consciousness would be judged by one’s own garden, this would belong to seventh heaven.

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