Picture of tree and thought for the day


This is a tree in Iffley Village – part of my extended commute into town. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

I am currently reading a book on the “Alexander Technique” I like it because it encourages a moment of reflection before doing anything – trying to avoid bad habits we get into. In terms, of my understanding, it reminds me of Sri Chinmoy’s encouragement to meditate before doing anything.

There was one sentence in the book which said.

“We always have time to correct our mistakes, but we think we don’t have time to avoid them in the first place.”

This is very true, often I rush into things, create a problem then spend much longer time solving them. So I will try live up to this.

Think of God,
Pray to God,
Meditate on God —
Before something goes wrong.

Sri Chinmoy ST-44195

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