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I was born in Runnymeade where the Magna Carta was signed, but at the age of 3 moved to Menston, Yokshire.

When I was young I wanted to be a professional cricketer so I resented the fact Yorkshire CC said I was ineligible to play (because in those days you had to be born in Yorkshire) Therefore I supported Surrey and Chelsea (who in the pre- Ambramovich days used to languish in the old division 2.)

It was only when I went to Oxford that I became proud of Yorkshire. I probably used to annoy people by saying how much better Yorkshire was than the South.

Yorkshire website

Lady Margaret Hall - Oxford

This was my college where I studied PPE for 4 years (Its supposed to take 3 but I was ill before my last exams)

I also spent over a year working in the gardens. There probably aren't many PPE graduates who consider a career in gardening but at the end of the day gardening wasn't very well paid so I got a part time job as an Economics Teacher. In many ways is easier than digging up weeds so I now work part time.

Lady Margaret Hall website


Gargrave Cafe

A cyclist's cafe in the Yorkshire Dales. Whenever you went there were always cyclist there. You used to be able to get a teacake for 60p. Which was pretty cheap.


New York

People often ask why I go to New York 3 times a year. To be honest I struggle to answer. There are many disadvantages,

  • its pretty unattractive
  • Cycling is a nightmare. 50% of cars are huge 4*4s who are indignant they have to  share the roads with cyclists. - And you have to stop at traffic lights every 500 metres

However Jamaica Queens is the centre for the Sri Chinmoy Centre. We have a  beautiful meeting place. And students of Sri Chinmoy in the area run some of the best Vegetarian Cafe's.



Morecambe got its name in the 19th Century because quite literally more people came to live there. It wasn't a particularly imaginative name (a bit like New England ) However Morecambe was once a thriving seaside resort with many theatres, cinemas, open air swimming pools e.t.c.

Any local would now tell you Morecambe has suffered a terminal decline. The amusement parks have closed down to be replaced with Supermarkets. Hotels have been converted into bedsits. Shops are pretty tacky. I think that Morecambe earnt a well earned place in the "List of Crap Towns"

However I love Morecambe because I used to spend my summer holidays with my Grandma and was able to cycle to the surrounding countryside - Lake District Trough of Bowland.

One other good thing about Morecambe is the football club - Morecambe FC. My uncle and cousin are enthusiastic supporters, when I went to watch they got 150 spectators but now they get upto 2,000 and one year may get promoted to the Football League

View: Morecambe Website

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