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This is a selection of jokes and comedy items that may be of interest to visitors.








My favourite comdey programmes are

  • Fawlty Towers,
  • Blackadder IV,
  • Monty Python -

My Favourite sketch is naturally the 4 Yorkshire Men sketches. ( having lived in Yorkshire for many years)

"Oh I used to dream of living in a house - them were the days when we used to live in cardboard box in the middle of the Road." " Aye we had it tough in them days I used to have to get up 1/2 an hour before I went to bed work 25 hours a day down pit, (and pay miner owner for the privelage e.t.c.)





Patient - "Doctor I was playing my mouth organ this morning and I swallowed it."

Doctor - "Always look on the Bright side of life, you could have been playing the piano"




Mother - " How did you do in your history exam son? "

Son - " Mother I was like George Washington... I went down in History."



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