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Oxford Botanic Gardens - Photos

Pictures from Oxford Botanic garden mostly in August

Pictures taken from Oxford Botanic Gardens

Water Fountain

Verbena Bonerensis

Mixed Sunflowers

Looking across the pond. The purple flowers are...
Rose Arch at Botanic Gardens

Rose arch in June

Mixed Flowers late August

Orange are a type of Rudbeckia. Purple include Verbena Bonerensis and Thistle
Red Poppies

Red Poppies with Magdalen Tower in the background



Photos of Oxford Botanic gardens by R.Pettinger.

You can reproduce on another site if you link to this site and acknowledge source

University of Oxford Botanic Garden, the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain, and the third oldest scientific garden in the world, was founded in 1621 as a physic garden growing plants for medicinal research. Today it contains over 8,000 different plant species on 4 1/2 acres (18,000 m²). It is one of the most diverse yet compact collections of plants in the world and includes representatives from over 90% of the higher plant families.

The Botanic Gardens have been frequented by some of Oxford's literary figures notably J.R.R Tolkien and Lewis Carroll.


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