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Tour of The Cotswolds


Tour Of The Cotswolds

Today I rode the Tour of the Cotswolds which is a 100 mile ride through the picturesque Cotswolds. Including the ride to the start and back I covered 128 miles in 6 ½ hours at an average speed of just under 19 mph. This was quite good given the large amounts of climbing and braking on the descents This is the second furthest distance that I have ever ridden. The furthest is 178 miles to Cambridge and Back, 2 years ago. The route included over 2,200 metres of climbing. It was quite a sharp contrast to riding short, flat and fast 10 Mile Time Trials which I have done a lot of in recent months.


I got lost cycling to the start. There were hundreds of bikes going to another bike ride starting at Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill). I followed these bikes, sleepily going past the starting village of Yarnton, just outside Oxford.


After signing in I cycled pretty fast and overtook lots of other bikes which were doing the other charity run. It was good to see so many bikes on the road. Usually a bike is a pretty rare sight on when I am training. The route was well sign posted but I still missed a few of the small signs and so ended up doing an extra 8 miles. I didn't mind too much -There were some great views of the Cotswolds and the weather was pretty good I also met a lot of old friends from OUCC, including Brenda Pennell who came second in the National 50 Mile Time trial the day before.  I was glad to have a good meal at the end, you can get pretty sick of eating those energy gels and nutri grain bars.


Next year I shall hopefully do it again, I should go quite a bit quicker if  I don’t get lost.


Well done to the organisers – Jim Henderson and the Dark Blue Cycling Club.


 A view of Broadway, which was a town on the route

By: Richard Pettinger

- Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team

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Invitation to Tour Of The Cotswolds

From Jim Henderson


I’m organising a challenge ride in the Cotswolds on Sunday June 26th and would be very grateful if you could publicise it to Oxonian club members for me.  The event commemorates Dave Ryan who you just might remember from his time in Oxford University CC a few years ago.  Dave had emigrated to the USA in 2001 but was killed by a speeding motorist while out on a training ride a year ago.  Rather than just organise a race in his memory I thought I would have a go at a challenge ride as the ones I have done in other parts of the country have been very popular.  The details I’ve been posting round the cycling websites are as follows.  Do have a look at our website, for details of a course that will have plenty of familiar roads!


Introducing the Circuit of the Cotswolds, a new challenge ride along the lines of the Fred Whitton / Polka Dot challenge rides - not a race but a 100 mile epic ride around the Cotswolds.  Do it fast or slow, on your own or in a group, whatever you like.


Info: for details and entry form


Date: Sunday 26 June, start 8 to 9am

Course: 100 mile signposted circular route / 2,200 metres climbing

Venue: Start/finish Yarnton Village Hall near Oxford

Cost:  Ten pounds; food and drink at two feed stations, all profits to charity


The ride covers some of the climbs from the classic Tour of the Cotswolds road race and is on hard terrain so will be excellent training for racing or Etape du Tour two weeks later.  There's fantastic scenery and quiet lanes too so if you want to take it easy instead, that's fine by me.


Best regards


Jim Henderson


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