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First Woman to Run Marathon

Who was the first woman to run a marathon? The first woman was Stamata Revithi, although her attempt was unofficial

The first female marathon at the Olympics was held in 1984. It was won by:

America's Joan Benoit


Who won the first woman marathon?

Stamata Revithi completed a marathon in the 1896 Olympic Games, however her attempt was unofficial because officially she was not allowed to enter. It was not until 1984 that women would be allowed to officiallHer attempt, nevertheless, is mentioned in the Women's Athletics Yearbook
(1975), where a 'Melpomeni' (GRE) is recorded as the first female Marathon
runner with a time of five hours and 30'.


First Offical Female World Record for the Marathon.


Violet Piercy of Great Britain was the first woman to be officially timed
in the Marathon, posting a time of 3:40:22 in a British race on Oct. 3,
1926. Due largely to the lack of women's competition, that time stood as an
unofficial world record for 37 years.


The first woman to complete a marathon at the South Pole

"A SCOTTISH nurse has become the first woman to complete a marathon at the South Pole.

Wendy MacKinnon, 42, of Dingwall, was one of ten runners who competed in the Antarctic Ice Marathon in temperatures as low as -40C.
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Mrs MacKinnon came fourth in a time of 6hr 33min, beating five men and another woman. The race, held at 3,300ft in the frozen wastes of the Ellsworth Mountains only 620 miles from the Pole, was won by the Russian professional extreme athlete Evgeniy Gorkov in 5hr 9min. "



Joan Benoit - pinoneering woman marathon runner


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