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Guide to Buying Running Shoes in London

tips on buying running shoes. What to look out for, when to change

When I buy a new pair of running shoes I like to goto Run and Become in London. They can offer expert advice on which pair of shoes to buy. I usually leave it too late before buying a new pair. Running shoe experts suggest that after 500 miles running shoes can wear out, so you lose the best of the cushioning.

I have never properly understood this what over / under pronator is but it explains it here:

top tips for running shoes

Anyway a good running shoe specialist will be able to help you choose the right pair (which isn't necessarily the most expensive)

Over Pronator/ Over Supinator/ Neutral: what are you?

If your foot pronates then when it hits the ground the arch collapses and the foot rolls inwards. This is quite a common foot strike.

If you are a neutral foot striker then your foot stays upright as you move through the stride. This is less common.

If you supinate then when your foot hits the ground it rolls forwards along the outside edge of the foot, This is rare.

An over - pronator generally needs an 'anti - pronation' shoe with more support on the inside. A neutral runner needs a neutral, well cushioned shoe. There are no shoes specifically designed for a supinated gait but a flexible, curve lasted shoe often works well.

The most accurate way to find out which way your foot moves is to have someone watch you run. This is something we can do for all our customers to help you decide which shoes are right for your particular foot strike.

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