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Writings on Marathons

writings on marathons by Sri Chinmoy

Question: Sometimes I feel that running a marathon is like the struggle of life.

Sri Chinmoy: You are absolutely right. When one runs a marathon or any long distance, one knows what life is: a struggle from the beginning to the end. We expect at every moment that the members of our inner family-the body, vital, mind and heart-will cooperate. But after a few miles the problem starts; they all revolt. They all say, "Give up! Get off the course!" We beg the body to carry us to the finish line, but the body is not listening. The vital also is not listening and the mind is constantly rejecting the idea. Then we lose all determination. So the marathon gives us a prime example of the struggle of human life.

Excerpt from The Outer Running And The Inner Running by Sri Chinmoy.

THe Running Master

People who don't run marathons feel sad that they don't run them, and people who run marathons feel sad that they do run them. So many problems human beings have! Why do they have to create additional problems by entering into the world of marathoning? By running a marathon has anybody realised God? I don't think any spiritual Master other than me has ever run a marathon. Perhaps they were wise people. Perhaps it is because I am not wise that I run marathons.

- Sri Chinmoy

Excerpt from Run And Become, Become And Run, Part 13 by Sri Chinmoy.

Question: But there are some famous athletes who began running marathons at a very young age.

Sri Chinmoy: And many of them are suffering for it! Some of them look so fragile now, but they have such determination. Sometimes one member of the family can jump into the water and swim, but if others try, they may drown.


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