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Easter Revision Courses in Oxford

Guide to easter revision courses in Oxford

As an economics tutor in oxford I usually do some of the Easter revision courses in Oxford. It makes a good change for me, rather than teaching just one student I get to teach a small group of students. Usually these students are keen to study hard and get good grades in their A Levels.

Cherwell College Easter Revision

The Easter Courses at Jesus Colleges and Lady Margaret Hall have been designed specifically to provide an intensive regime of examination preparation and revision for those students wishing to achieve their highest level of performance in the forthcoming public examinations. The courses will involve three separate one-week periods of intensive tuition comprising, small group tuition together with lectures, seminars, classes in examination technique and daily trial examinations.

Easter Revision Courses

Oxford International College OIC

The courses take place at St Edward’s School in North Oxford . The courses provide intensive tuition in small study groups with a strong emphasis on exam technique and study skills. They include many features such as small class sizes, 35 hours of study per week. OIC also offer revision and study programmers in the summer period.

Easter Revision Courses

Oxford Tutorial College

The college organises highly-effective and successful Easter Revision Courses at both ‘AS’ and ‘A2’ level for those candidates who feel they would benefit from an intensive review of material at this critical time. They take place in the historic setting of a medieval Oxford college and are taught by our regular staff, who have become expert at dealing with the different problems encountered by students as they approach their exams.

Easter Revision Courses

Doverbroekcs College Oxford

For over twenty years we have extended our highly successful approach to AS and A2 level Easter revision courses. We are leaders in this field providing intensive, exam focused revision courses that make a significant difference to students' grades.

A Level easter revision at Doverbroekcs <http://www.doverbroecks.com/othercourses/alevels>`__

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