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How Easy is it to get into Oxford University?

How easy is it to get into oxford University?

Its really difficult :)

Seriously you might want to have a look at the admissions to Oxford

Don't let this put you off:

Girl with 5 A Grades rejected from Oxford University

A GIRL expected to gain five As at A-level has won a scholarship to Harvard after being rejected by Oxford University.

Laura Spence is the second girl from her state school to win a Harvard scholarship after failing to get accepted at Oxford. Yesterday Dr Paul Kelley, head teacher at Monkseaton Community High School, in North Tyneside, said he hoped the two had not been victims of prejudice but added: "Two in a row is too much of a coincidence."

Laura was disappointed that, despite gaining 10 starred GCSEs, a distinction in her Open University maths course and being projected to get five grade As at A-level, she was turned down by Magdalen College because she did not show "enough potential". She said yesterday: "I'd like to hope it wasn't because I was from the North-East. But then again, when I went into the interview they did say, 'Oh, you're from the North-East', and there was a bit of a pause.

Unfortunately with increasing % of students being given As for A level it is becoming difficult for Oxford University to discriminate students. So alot has to go on interview.

In my day i had to take a special exam for Oxford in November. I did well so they gave me an offer of 2 Es which was just as well because I only got A B C. in my a levels (but they were much harder when I was a lad, plus I spent alot of time working in a Little Chef earning money)

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