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Funny Football Poems

Collection of funny poems about football

Mirror mirror on the wall
Could you please return our ball
Our football went through your crack
You have two now
Give one back.
  • Benjamin Zephaniah


The sun is out lets have some fun
And follow the Reds up the M1
Someone pinch me I think I'm in heaven
Sheffield Wednesday 1 Forest 7
  • Jonathon Williams

RTFM 15 We Are The Mushrooms

Football chant
“We are the champions! ”
Translate to phonytic French
“Nous sommes les champignons! ”
Re-translate to English
“We are the mushrooms! ”
Next time you hear that chant
It will sound different.
  • Stewart McKenzie


Football, Football, Football
What a funny word!
Football Football Football
Isn't it absurd!
Football Football Football
Everyone follows the herd
Football Football Football
Or else they'd be disturbed!
But I'm not that ordinary
And won't follow the herd
I like who i like
And that's not absurd!
So are you a sheep or are you a goose
Or are you just the same?
My team are very special,
They win every game!

By Becky Crow

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