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Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

About the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team who organise several running and sporting events around the globe.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organise races in over 50 countries world wide. These races range from short 2 mile races to the world's longest footrace of 3100 miles.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon team was founded by Sri Chinmoy who is a spiritual teacher, poet and athlete. Sri Chinmoy believes athletics is very beneficial for both keeping fit and also a good complement to meditation and other spiritual activities.

Sri Chinmoy himself is a very good athlete. As a young man he excelled in sprinting and also participated in football and the decathlon. On moving to America in the 1960s Sri Chinmoy took up long distance running and encouraged his student to do likewise. In the 1980s Sri Chinmoy started to participate in weightlifting. At the age of 75 Sri Chinmoy is still very active in weightlifting and regularly lifts very heavy weights.

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon team has developed a reputation for putting on high quality events, especially in the field of ultra marathons. Several world records have been set at the 1000 mile and 1300 mile races. See About 3100 Mile Race

The cornerstone of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy is self transcendence. Self Transcendence involves going beyond ones previous limits. The real winner is he who competes with himself and reaches previous unattained heights.

Victory we celebrate
Only to invoke
A new goal."

- Sri Chinmoy


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