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Silence Speaks Silence Answers

Short story by Sri Chinmoy about 2 great spiritual Masters Troilanga Swami and Sri Ramakrishna

There was once a very great spiritual Master whose name was Troilanga Swami. He was the possessor of tremendous occult power and spiritual power. Sri Ramakrishna went to see him a few times. According to Sri Ramakrishna, he was the moving Lord Shiva. Once, Sri Ramakrishna asked him, through gestures, about God. Also through gestures, Troilanga Swami made it clear to Sri Ramakrishna that high above in Heaven, God is One, but when we are in the body, then the body becomes the only reality for us and God becomes many.


When silence answers a question, the answer is most effective. Here, in silence one spiritual Master put the question, and in silence another Master answered. The giver and the receiver were extremely pleased with each other.

Indeed, the body sings the song of God's multiplicity and the soul sings the song of God's unity or God the transcendental Vision.

by Sri Chinmoy

When spending time with Sri Chinmoy there is very little Q.A's mostly Sri Chinmoy is seeking to offer guidance on an inner plane. If we can meditate and be quite then it is possible to sense what is the right thing to do. If we rely on outer guidance we never become receptive to our own inner pilot.

Before I become a disciple of Sri Chinmoy I used to consult the I Ching. This involved tossing coins to find out what the right course of action to take was. However I don't think it is necessary to have to throw coins to know what to do.



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