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  • Sri Chinmoy’s birthday August 27th 2016

    Sri Chinmoy’s birthday August 27th 2016

    Sri Chinmoy was born 27th August, 1931 in Shakpura, Chittagong, India (now part of Bangladesh). For disciples of Sri Chinmoy, August 27th is a special day, which we mark with a race, meditation and musical performances. This year, there were perhaps 1,000 people from all over the world who came to meet in Jamaica, Queens, […]

  • The Dance of Life by Sri Chinmoy

    When I joined Sri Chinmoy’s path (back in 1999), I read poetry series like the Dance of Life and didn’t always appreciate them. I preferred reading question and answers, and talks like ‘Everest Aspiration‘. Many years later, I dipped back into the poetry series Dance of Life and, at this point of time, the poems […]

  • Peace Run meeting with Oxford Mindfulness

    Last week, I helped organise the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run on the day it was in Oxford. In the morning we visited the Oxford Mindfulness centre at the Warneford hospital in Headington, within the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry. The Mindfulness centre have been offering courses in meditation and mindfulness to help people deal […]

  • Adventures in writing

    Rather unexpectedly, on a rather dreary day, I had a good experience in a local church (a place I very rarely visit). It felt a certain grace, a feeling of newness. Hungry for more, I tried to repeat experience, but it wasn’t the same.

  • The Buddha’s silence wins

    One day the Lord Buddha was meditating. An elderly man came in and started abusing the Buddha most ruthlessly. The Buddha remained absolutely silent. How long could he continue his abuse? After a while he stopped and was about to leave the place. But the Buddha said, “Just wait, please. I have something to ask […]

  • Meditation – self effort and grace

    An interesting feature about meditation is that sometimes, when you make a lot of effort, it feels like nothing really happens. Yet, at other times, you make no seeming effort, but you can have a very good meditation. This is an experience I remember from Oslo in June 2001. I was late for a talk […]

  • O Kanaiya – by Ranjit and Unmesh

    A wonderful soulful song. O Kanaiya – composed by Sri Chinmoy 1996. Ranjit and Unmesh perform in Indian style.

  • Ore tora ke kotai

    Ore tora ke kotai is a very haunting melody. I believe that Sri Ramakrishna used to sing this song when he wanted those disciples who were meant for him to come. This is an excellent performance by Agnikana’s group, from Czech Sri Chinmoy Centres. They capture the haunting, soulful nature of the performance. Sri Ramakrishna […]