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Sophie Scholl



A beautifully made film. Sophie Scholl recounts the harrowing real life tale of resistance by ordinary Germans to the Nazi regime during 1943. Much of the film focuses on the interview of Sophie Scholl and her interrogator. The acting is superb and has the effect of making you feel you are reliving the events that occurred over 60 years ago. It is hard to watch the film without asking whether you would have had the similar courage to face the direst consequences of following your conscience. In an understated way the film shows the role of Sophies’ faith in God as a motivation in accepting her fate and fighting for a world view opposed to Nazism.
The role of the Nazi police chief who interrogated Sophie is also an intriguing character. Although stickingly rigidly to the Nazi ideology verbatim you get the sense he is shaken from his simplistic Nazi view and although he never admits it, sees great courage and spirit in the girl he is obliged to condemn to death. It becomes a testimony that through the actions and words of courageous individuals even the most hard hearted can be influenced.

Several months after her execution the Allies dropped countless 1000s of the propaganda leaflets the White Rose resistance group had been distributing. Despite the overwhelming odds faced by the Sophie and over members of the White Rose group the film becomes a powerful testimony to the power of the human spirit.




Real Life pic of Sophie Scholl


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