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Recommended Cycling Books

A selection of some of the best cycling books.


 The Lance Armstrong Performance Program 

Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael


If its good enought for L.A. it might work for us.


French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour De France 

By: Tim Moore


  • Funny in parts one guys attempt to ride the Tour De France route. Worth reading

" Comic writer Tim Moore trades his ailing Rolls Royce for a bicycle, a map and a water bottle in French Revolutions. This is a quest to pedal the route of the Tour de France, no mean feat for the fit, let alone a self-described suburban slouch. The resulting 2,256-haphazard-mile journey transforms Moore into an incredibly fit and passionately proud cyclist. Initially, Moore takes the "I will do it and it probably will kill me" approach."


 The Blue Book of Cycling


Always good to know how to repair the bike. Not that its ever as easy as it looks in a book


The Hour

by Michael Hutchinson - more details here


Very good read. Interesting history of the great record told from perspective of M.Hutchinson who attempted the record himself.

"Gripping, packed with fascinating stories and very, very funny, "The Hour" is what happens when a man from the secret, early-morning world of British bike racing takes a shot at stardom."


Put Me Back on My Bike: In Search of Tom Simpson 

By: William Fotheringham


The tragic life of Tom Simpson


The Escape Artist: Life from the Saddle 

By: Matt Seaton


Good read honest account of Matt Seaton's experience with cycling


 Roule Britannia: A History of Britons in the Tour De France 

BY: William Fotheringham


The Independent, July 4, 2005
'William Fothering's book is painstakingly researched and gives a fascinating insight into the workings of the Tour.' -


 The Condor Years: A Panorama of British Cycling 1945-2000 

By: Peter Whitfield


Fascinating account of British cycling in the "heyday" years of the post war period. Gives good understanding of the workings of British cyclings and the split between road racing and time trials.



  Flying Scotsman: Cycling to Triumph Through My Darkest Hours 

By: Graeme Obree More on Obree

Fascinating story


 Fitness Cycling


By: Dede Demet Barry, Michael Barry, Shannon Sovndal

"Fitness Cycling" provides information in clear language and gives workouts on a one-a-page basis, which are easy to read and include specific tips and useful tidbits about each workout so that the reader feels they have a personal trainer with them from start to finish."


  It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life 

By: Lance Armstrong


Whatever your opinion about Lance Armstrong this is an inspiring read of one man's battle with cancer and ultimate recovery and success at the world's most gruelling sporting occasion



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