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Activities of Sri Chinmoy

A brief look at some of Sri Chinmoy's activities and artistic endeavours in the past 40 years.

Sri Chinmoy’s Life of Service.

The World Harmony Run

In 1987, Sri Chinmoy founded an international relay for the cause of world friendship and harmony. Since its inception the World Harmony run has involved over 3-1/2 million people in more than 120 countries. The World Harmony Run provides an opportunity for people to take a step for world harmony and offer their wishes for a better world. The World Harmony Run takes place in all 5 main continents and has helped foster oneness among people of all cultures and beliefs.

View: World Harmony Run website

Philosophy of Unity

Sri Chinmoy has sought to bring people together in a spirit of oneness. He teaches if we use the capacity of the heart we will feel an identity with others. This will bring about friendship and harmony. If we use the critical mind then it builds a wall of separation. It is when we have a sense of superiority and separation that conflict arises, both between people and between nations. On a practical level Sri Chinmoy has offered many interfaith meditations. For example in 2004 he was asked to open the World Parliament of Religions with a period of silent meditation. He firmly believes each religion is right in its own way. Different religions are like different paths to the same goal. “The paths are many the truth is one.”

See: World Parliament of Religions

Music for World Harmony

Sri Chinmoy has composed over 20,000 songs which explore the length and breadth of human experience. He has performed his meditative compositions for hundreds of thousands of people at over 800 concerts worldwide. During these concerts — which are always free of charge — Sri Chinmoy plays a dozen or more instruments from different cultures. His Concerts have been offered at such halls as London's Royal Albert Hall, New York’s Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, San Francisco’s Davies Hall, Moscow’s Russia Hall and Tokyo’s Budokan Hall.

View: Music of Sri Chinmoy

Humanitarian Aid

Since 1990 Sri Chinmoy Centre International have collected material aid for underprivileged people across the world. Sri Chinmoy encourages this humanitarian service and self offering not from a sense of duty or charity, but through a natural feeling of oneness with others who are currently less fortunate. To offer the most through humanitarian aid it is not just about offering material aid but trying to express a sense of oneness with others. For Sri Chinmoy service and self-offering arise not from a sense of duty or charity, but as a natural expression of a oneness-heart. To give aid is good, but to give it in the right spirit is even better. To change the world we need to bring to the fore our own good qualities.

“Now we are all exercising the love of power. But a day will come when this world of ours will be inundated with the power that loves. Only the power that loves can change the world.”

  • Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy is a noted athlete and has encouraged others to pursue the noble goal of self transcendence. This is a philosophy that within us we have an unlimited capacity if we can tap into this inner source of inspiration then we can achieve far more than we imagined. The Sri Chinmoy Marathon team is a leading exponent of Ultra distance running events. The SCMT organise the annual 3100 mile race in Queens New York. In 2006 there were 12 finishers of this gruelling race.

View: Sri Chinmoy Races


Since 1991 Sri Chinmoy has drawn over 17 million Soul Bird drawings. These soul birds encapsulate the symbol of freedom and the human soul. They are symbolic of man’s aspiration to attain a real inner freedom from ignorance and bondage. Sri Chinmoy has also drawn many other paintings he terms "Jharna Kala" or fountain Art.

View: Sri Chinmoy Art

Dialogues with World Leaders

For over forty years Sri Chinmoy has had dialogues on world harmony and spiritual values with leaders and luminaries from diverse fields of endeavour. This has included heads of state, spiritual leaders from all faiths, university leaders, creative and performing artists and athletes.

See: Kind words at Sri Chinmoy.org


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