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European World Harmony Run

The European World Harmony Run began in February 2006 in Portugal. During the next 8 months a team of runners ran through 49 different European Countries, covering 27,000KM. It is a great logistical and physical feat to run across the length of Europe, but the physical distance of the run is not the main purpose of the run. At the heart of the World Harmony Run is the message that each individual has the capacity to bring greater harmony and friendship into the world.

The World Harmony Run, founded by humanitarian and spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy , seeks to offer a simple message. "Harmony begins with me" By sharing this message with people from different cultures and countries the Harmony Run aspires to highlight the common values and ideals shared by many.


Throughout the different European countries the run was met enthusiastically by thousands of different people. Participants ranged from the young to the old, and came from all walks of life. Many special functions were arranged where the team of harmony runners met local schoolchildren and dignities. Also one of the charms of the harmony run was the chance encounters with people on the road. Often with no foreknowledge of what the run was about, local people could instinctively respond to the aims of the harmony run, symbolised by the harmony run flame carried by the runners.

Many of the runners who participated in the European run said that the best moments of the run were when they visited local schools. Children more than any others responded most warmly and enthusiastically to the run. Through engaging the children of today the World Harmony Run seeks to offer hope that in the future the dream of a harmonious world can become a reality. Runners, teachers and schoolchildren shared many fond memories of the run.

To complete the 27,000 Km the team take it in turns to run. There is a support vehicle following behind with equipment and supplies. Nevertheless even with a relay system many runners regularly ran 10-20KM and sometimes more. The runners had to forego many of the comforts and stability of an ordinary life. But life on the road was quite a unique experience; each day offering the chance to meet new people and visit different places.


Along the route there were many highlights such as visiting Ajax FC in Holland and the unspoilt beauty of Iceland. The World harmony run finished in London at the British Museum. The British Museum holds one of the most impressive and diverse collections of artefacts from cultures and societies around the world. It was thus a fitting end for a run dedicated to bringing people of different cultures together. One of the main themes of the Harmony Run is to bring people together and highlight the unity in diversity.

Ondrej Vesely from the Czech Republic, was captain of the running team for whole journey. At the final ceremony he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to having met so many people who offered their kindness and goodwill to both the runners and aims of the run.

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