Matlock hills

Fate keeps taking me back to Matlock.

Aged 17, I took part in a school cricket tour based in Matlock. We drank a lot of beer and played a little bit of cricket. I wasn’t very good at playing cricket or drinking beer, so I never went on another cricket tour.


A few years later – after joining the Sri Chinmoy Centre, we had a joy weekend at a youth hostel on Bank Road (and met in the church on the left). Bank Road is a very steep hill and I thought what a great steep hill to cycle up. The funny thing is I took my bike to Matlock, but left my pedals in Oxford – so my thoughts of cycling never got further than that. It made a change from forgetting my front wheel (which I had a habit of doing at that time). Still, I had a good time on the weekend with a bit of meditation and walking in the environment of Matlock.

In 2008, the National hill climb championship was on Bank Road. I hadn’t done much cycling that year, but thought I would give it a go. I finished 14th, which was quite good. I was definitely better at cycling up steep hills than playing cricket or drinking beer. Though I still preferred longer ones to the short steep Bank Road.


Photo Anthony Wood

Eight years later (2016) and the National hill climb championship came back to Bank Road. It hasn’t been a good hill climb season for me. I’ve had an injury and also got a cold two days before the championship. Every logical reason was to withdraw from the race and take it easy at home. But, I like the atmosphere of the national hill climb championship so went along anyway to take part. I knew I wouldn’t do particularly well, but still cycled up the hill and enjoyed meeting a few people and taking some photos.

tejvan-anthony-wood-1024Photo Anthony Wood

It is great view from Bank Road to the rest of Matlock. Last weekend in October is the height of autumn with trees in colour.


I’ve been to Matlock a few other times. Great place.


Looking back up Bank Road from Matlock town centre.


Looking down the hill

Looking up the hill

Looking up the hill


2 thoughts on “Matlock hills”

  1. I am so grateful for these articles.

    Sometimes I wonder why I feel so much joy in reading and looking at photographs related to Albion.

    Sometimes I cherish the though that perhaps once I was born there.

    To me, Albion represents the land of knights, who have been real seekers, divinely obsessed with the search of Light and Truth.

    Thank you.

  2. PS: I really like that photograph by Anthony Wood, with the young lady folding hands at the passage of cyclists.

    So nice and soulful. I share that feeling. Perhaps some of today’s cyclists are the modern equivalent of the knights pf the hoary past.

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