Practising Japa

When I joined Sri Chinmoy’s path, I was very keen to improve my meditation. I read the Meditation book by Sri Chinmoy and tried different meditation exercises, which were in the Meditation book. Amongst other exercises, I remember putting a picture of a black dot on the wall and staring at it for a few minutes, though that particular practise didn’t last very long.

One of the things Sri Chinmoy mentioned was an exercise of Japa. On the first day, the seeker should repeat the mantra “Supreme” 500 times. Then on the next day, increase to 600 times. Read On…

Meditation – self effort and grace

An interesting feature about meditation is that sometimes, when you make a lot of effort, it feels like nothing really happens.

Yet, at other times, you make no seeming effort, but you can have a very good meditation.

This is an experience I remember from Oslo in June 2001. I was late for a talk by Sri Chinmoy. My mind was anything but calm and tranquil. I was physically uncomfortable – squashed at the back – without anywhere to sit. Yet, despite everything working against a good meditation – I had a very powerful experience of peace. It was a sense of peace that was very tangible; something that belonged to everyone and you felt a sense of gratitude for being able to experience. Read On…

Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team video

This is a video filmed and produced by Adam Thornton back in March 2015. It was after an early season hilly time trial promoted by Hemel Hempstead CC. Sorry for eating muesli bar during interview. It is the cyclists panic, eat protein after hard race. I talk a little about racing, the Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team and the approach to a race.

Lourdes and the Pyrenees


Many years ago I watched a film ‘The Song of Bernadette’ – it was a captivating story, which made me research a little more. Reading first hand accounts, and the words of Bernadette Soubirous herself gave a much deeper insight into the events that took place over 150 years ago.The film was somewhat liberal with the truth, and (in my view) overly sentimental. Still it was interesting to see a spiritual story told in a certain way, but later realise there is a  greater spiritual depth to be discovered. Read On…

Garden May 2015 – Wildlife and more

Back Garden

Some photos of back garden.

Trying to combine competitive cycling and gardening is difficult. You never want to over-tax your muscles after a long five hour cycle ride, so I tend to favour the cultivated meadow look.

I would call it – a contemporary combination of avant-garde style companion planting, innovate use of native wildflowers, informal approach to weeding and – a dash of sitting around admiring your handiwork with your feet up.

Back Garden

A garden is a place to be enjoyed, not just to work in.


Good for wildlife is important. I love to see the bees. Read On…