Mow cop in the rain


It’s the hill climb season again.

Thanks to Bhima of Buxton CC for this photo. It was taken of Mow Cop on a rainy day.


The film Challenging Impossibility is coming to Bristol in March 2012.

It will be an exciting exhibition of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting equipment, with also several screenings of the film Challenging Impossibility.

I was once lifted by Sri Chinmoy, (a relative meagre 135lbs). In the above photo, Sri Chinmoy is lifting 200lbs with each hand from a seated posture. This 400lb lift was during a long weightlifting exhibition in New York, I was also lucky enough to attend. There was perhaps 500 people in the room, watching the 70 year old Sri Chinmoy, lift weights which really defied his age and build.



History of English in Ten Minutes

narrated by Clive Anderson

Dreaming Spires of Oxford

dreaming spires of Oxford


Hill Climbs


It’s the hill climb season!¬†This is in the Lake District near Honister Pass.


I conquered Hardnott pass from Western side – with 30% hairpins – one of the hardest hills, I’ve ever done.

Hill Climb training - Have a go!

World Harmony Run in Oxford

Here we are presenting a ‘Torch Bearer Award’ to Mark Williams and his ‘mindfulness team’ for their contribution in helping people overcome long-term depression through meditation / mindfulness. For me it is a rare outing into a jacket.

It was great to have the World Harmony Run come through Oxford.

Christ Church Dawn

Oxford Christ Church Meadow

Christ Church Meadow

Christ Church Mist


Cycling Season

Nick O Pendle Hill Climb

Nick O Pendle Hill Climb

National Hill Climb 2011

At top of National hill climb.

Trough of Bowland

Trough of Bowland

Records in Rome


Ashrita balancing longest pole on nose at S. Ivo Allasapienza

Group Photo S. Ivo Allasapienza

The Famous Five

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Challenging Impossibility Review

A few years ago, I attended Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting celebration of 2004. It was a remarkable night of lifting prowess, but as these things tend to do, it had mostly faded from my memory. Also as someone with no background in weightlifting, it was hard to find any reference point for judging the weightlifting of Sri Chinmoy.

The film, Challenging Impossibility, helps put Sri Chinmoy’s lifting in perspective through fascinating insights through speaking to some of the top bodybuilders and weightlifters.

It seems hard to know what to expect from a film which is an unusual blend of weightlifting and Spiritual Teacher. As one newscaster mentioned in the film, what happens when you mix the Incredible Hulk and the Dalai Lama?

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