Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team video

This is a video filmed and produced by Adam Thornton back in March 2015. It was after an early season hilly time trial promoted by Hemel Hempstead CC. Sorry for eating muesli bar during interview. It is the cyclists panic, eat protein after hard race. I talk a little about racing, the Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team and the approach to a race.

Lourdes and the Pyrenees


Many years ago I watched a film ‘The Song of Bernadette’ – it was a captivating story, which made me research a little more. Reading first hand accounts, and the words of Bernadette Soubirous herself gave a much deeper insight into the events that took place over 150 years ago.The film was somewhat liberal with the truth, and (in my view) overly sentimental. Still it was interesting to see a spiritual story told in a certain way, but later realise there is a  greater spiritual depth to be discovered. Read On…

Garden May 2015 – Wildlife and more

Back Garden

Some photos of back garden.

Trying to combine competitive cycling and gardening is difficult. You never want to over-tax your muscles after a long five hour cycle ride, so I tend to favour the cultivated meadow look.

I would call it – a contemporary combination of avant-garde style companion planting, innovate use of native wildflowers, informal approach to weeding and – a dash of sitting around admiring your handiwork with your feet up.

Back Garden

A garden is a place to be enjoyed, not just to work in.


Good for wildlife is important. I love to see the bees. Read On…

Col du Tourmalet with Peace Run


A few weeks ago I was in the south of France for a weekend with the British and French Sri Chinmoy Centres. We were also joined by members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.


I’ve always wanted to cycle in the Pyranees, so I took my bike. A good combination of circumstances allowed me to climb the Col du Tourmalet and reach the top, just as runners from the Peace Run also made it. The weather was variable and the road was closed first thing in the morning (because of snow). But, as we neared the top, the police re-opened the world the road


Read On…

Ore tora ke kotai

Ore tora ke kotai is a very haunting melody. I believe that Sri Ramakrishna used to sing this song when he wanted those disciples who were meant for him to come.

This is an excellent performance by Agnikana’s group, from Czech Sri Chinmoy Centres. They capture the haunting, soulful nature of the performance.

Sri Ramakrishna had many great disciples such as Swami Vivekananda, Swami Brahmananda and many more. An excellent book for spiritual seekers is “God Lived With Them” and “They Lived With God.” – which tells a short life story about some of Ramakrishna’s direct disciples. Whenever I read books about Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples, I feel such devotion.

There was a time when Sri Ramakrishna was impatient for his destined disciples to come and he would sing this song to Mother Kali.

I have heard (and I can’t remember where) that there was a supposed to be a third great liberated soul (like Vivekananda and Brahmananda) but this soul never made it – such is the ignorance of the world – if a liberated soul can’t make it to the spiritual life – it just shows the difficulties for others! But, when we hear music like this – it lifts us far from the mundane world and transports us somewhere else – at least temporarily.



The genius of Peter Kay

I’ve just finished watching car share by Peter Kay. It was a great comedy with a lot of newness. The thing I love about Peter Kay is

  • He is very funny
  • He is big-hearted spirit – you could enjoy watching Peter Kay, even without the jokes
  • The comedy is a rare blend of the surreal and laugh out loud farces of modern life – it doesn’t need excruciating embarrassment (The Office style) or high levels of swearing (like many comedians). It is just a very enjoyable, uplifting comedy

Peter Kay is careful not to over-perform – he is happy to wait quite a few years in between projects. The result is we have to wait longer than we would like, but when he does appear, there is great freshness and originality.

The comedy is a slow burner – it doesn’t look to get a high number of jokes, whenever the opportunity arises. The comedy lulls you into the sense you are watching normal life. When the comic moment comes at an unexpected time, it is doubly funny because it is unexpected and somehow much more ‘real’ than some sit-coms which need to ‘force’ the comedy. Read On…

The Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race

The Sri Chinmoy 3,100 mile race is held every year in New York. I’ve never been part of it – only admiring from a distance, but this is a good, short insight into some of the aspects of the race.

I organise a couple of 2, 3 and 4 mile races for Sri Chinmoy A.C. in Oxford. We get a good turnout from local runners, who appreciate the chance to run around the Peace Mile in Cutteslowe Park, Oxford.

Still, it’s a bit easier than the logistics of organising a 3100 mile race!