Bullseye Quotes and catchphrases

Some of the great quotes and catchphrases of the classic British gameshow “Bullseye” with Jiiim Bowen.

The show always started with the cry of, “It’s a bulllllseye! And here’s your host – Jiiiim Bowen!”

“Stay out of the black and into the red, Nothing in this game for two in a bed.”

“Look at what you could have won.”

“And Bully’s Special Priiiiize…”

“Now the cash you won for charity earlier… that’s safe.”

“Super, smashing, great.” (somewhat apocryphal – Bowen said ‘smashing’ as a reflex action after one contestant revealed that he’d been made unemployed)

“Iiiiiiin one…”

“You win nothing but your BFH… Bus Fare Home”

(into the ad break) “I’ve got £___ here and it’ll take me two minutes to count out.”

“All for the throw of a dart”

“Go for your lights” (in the prize board round – although this changed after a while. In other series, the lights represented what they had won)

“You’ve got the time it takes for the board to revolve…”

“Up to the oche – and listen to Tony!”

“You can’t beat a bit of Bully!”

“Bully’s bellowed you out there!”

“The subjects that are lit are the ones you can hit!”

Dave Spikey version:

“You’ve had a good night out – but you go home with nowt!”

“Throwers and knowers” (dart players and question answerers)