Category: flowers

  • August 2021 Photos

    Sunflower Brassicas

  • July 2020 Garden Photos

    Sweet Pea View from window.

  • Spring 2021 photos

    Spring is here   Crocus and Daffodil

  • Great Tree

    I grew this tree from a foot long sapling, but it is on its way out for an exciting new project. It’s sad to cut it down as I look at it every day and improves the view out of the window. The last leaves.

  • Garden September 2020

    Winter lettuce and rest of garden More winter lettuce. It’s hard to grow with declining light levels, but we will see if we get a few leaves.

  • Garden July 2020

    Garden in July View from above Kale doing well  this year. Summer calabrese and spring broccoli Courgettes Swiss chard  and Tomato Coriander all went to seed. Toms! Front garden Penstemons Geraniums    This was a great cabbage.

  • Garden Photos June 2020

    Broad beans make a salad. Last year the black aphids killed them off. This year I’m fighting back with hosepipe. Lots of salad

  • Garden May Photos

    View from back of garden Alium Kale Beds Earlier May Lettuce Small tomatoes Bike ride in Toot Baldon.

  • Garden March/April 2020

    These are some photos from the past few weeks. Growth has been quite rapid in the past week due to warm weather. Veg are coming along well.

  • Garden August 2019

    Courgettes  This courgette plant is flying – 1 new courgette daily. It takes up half the bed and more. Border Coreopsis. Sunflower The chair collapsed under my colossal weight and I unceremoniously fell within the chair. It was comedy gold, but can a funny act be funny, if no-one is there to see the joke? […]