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  • Garden at Menston

  • Garden in June

    Garden from roof Back of the garden

  • Meditation is no protection from greedy wood pigeons

    Yesterday, I was meditating in my outside room when I heard a very heavy bird land on the roof. Immediately my meditation was disturbed and I feared it was a greedy wood-pigeon who was going to start chomping away at my beautiful brassicas just a few feet away. However, I thought I ought to try […]

  • Garden April 2019

    April garden Video. Comfrey is in flower and attracting the bees. Grass

  • Garden March 2019

    It is late March but the garden is growing quick due to relatively warm spring. Snake’s Head Fritillary – they like damp soil – may need watering!

  • Garden October 2018

    Garden October Garden in October lenghtening shadows and late colour. More white Cosmos Lettuce and leeks have been star performers in Veg plots.

  • Early September flowers

    Cosmos flowers and leaves Colour flowers Veg from garden, after two weeks away.

  • Mid August Flowers

    Mid August Border mid August. Rudbeckia Goldstrum – a very well behaved perennial. Phlox – sweet scent. A dry border – mostly silvers and lavenders. Grass blowing in the wind gives a new dimension. Grass. More Rudbeckia Red flowers . . EP  Evening Primrose Garden in the sun. Courgette plant

  • Orchids that flower themselves to death

    There are some kinds of orchids that can ‘flower themselves to death.’ – they put all their energy into producing flowers, then eventually they run out of energy and die. The leaves of this orchid indicate neglect – lack of water, food, humidity and proper conditions. Yet, there is a profusion of beautiful blooms. I […]

  • Lotus flower in bloom

    I have had this lotus plant in my pond for over a year. This is the first lotus bloom – but it is well worth the wait. It is a near perfect flower, with great dignity. The pond only gets an hour or two of sun in the height of summer because of the shade […]