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  • Success and failure in veg plot

    It has been very hot in England. Lettuce and peas have done very well. Cucumber have done really well. The plant is loaded with big cucumbers and they are tasty.

  • Vegetables growing quick

    It’s nearly the longest day of the year and the vegetable patch is in full flow. I’m really happy with the cucumber plant on the right. I bought a small seedling four weeks ago, and it has grown really quick. The one on left came mailorder a week ago, but doesn’t look as healthy as […]

  • Spring April and May 2018 Garden photos

    Some spring photos – kind of in reverse order to calender. Early May in spring border. Tulips and comfrey

  • New College Spring 2018

    A bed of crocus Crocus up close Lawn. Daffodils New College.

  • The good life and a new vegetable plot

    One of my favourite comedies when growing up was “The Good Life”. A warm-hearted satire on suburban life and the attempts of a middle-class couple to become self-sufficient growing potatoes and raising chickens in their back-garden. It was a funny comedy but also the idea of being self-sufficient was quite appealing as an idealistic teenager. […]

  • Garden late October 2017

    It’s late October but still quite mild.  Some critics may say grass needs cutting but I’m walking on it a lot so don’t want to cut too low. These bright pink flowers seem slightly out of place in mid-Autumn, but I’m not complaining. They have had a second spurt and look very colourful.  View up […]

  • Garden September 2017

    I have written an article about this path and the tree below. See: “Making friends with an old adversary” at Write Spirit The Hazel Tree. Late summer colour. Asters in the sun. Part shade, part sun. Aster close up. Related Garden in July

  • Oxford Botanic Gardens July 2017

    Water Lily Wild Flowers. Oxford Botanic Gardens

  • Garden July 2017 – Pictures and video

    Garden July 2017 Video Flowers Day Lily Bee Garden in rain Verbena   Phlox Gypsophila Geranium Rear garden  Rudbeckia and Phlox.  Garden Flowers Rain Garden Flower Garden   Pond

  • Spring in the garden

    Spring is here, and the star of the show in the back garden is this Cherry Tree coming into full blossom. Close up.