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Another planter

It’s the depth of winter. Cold, dark and grey. But amidst the gloom, I have been busy expanding the Tejvan fruit, veg and flower empire. I have built another planter.  I was working so hard, I broke my spade, hence the humorous juxtaposition of spade and head. (bottom)

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New Planter in front garden

The greatest excitement of November 2020 is building a new planter for my front garden. I have spent most of 2020 looking out of front window so I got inspired to do something different. Out went the beautiful tree, in came this new planter.

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50th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy in Oxford

50 years ago. 19 November 1970, Sri Chinmoy visited Oxford for the first time. He gave a lecture at Keble College, entitled the Universe.

“The universe.

The universe is God’s creation and man’s realisation.

The universe is God’s Compassion and man’s emancipation.

The universe is God’s Concentration and man’s transformation.

The universe is God’s Meditation and man’s revelation.

The universe is God’s Contemplation and man’s manifestation.

The poet in me tells me that the universe is beautiful.

The singer in me tells me that the universe is enchanting.

The philosopher in me tells me that the universe is meaningful.

The Yogi in me tells me that the universe is soulful.

The God-lover in me tells me that the universe is fruitful.”

– Sri Chinmoy, My Rose Petals, part 1

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Two videos

This promo for 2020 national hill climb was shot last autumn by local film maker, Maciek Tomiczek. I feature going up Chinnor hill.


I also fancied submitting a video to Gardener’s World viewers videos, so I made this video. But, I don’t think it is good enough. On the positive side it showed I needed to get the hair clippers out again and finish off the back of my head.


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