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  • New Year Meditation

    The perfect meditation is perhaps in the silent, snow-capped Himalayan peaks. But, over Christmas, we were in a popular holiday resort, Greece. For New Year’s Eve, we lost our peaceful function hall to a New Year’s party. Our meditation group squeezed into an upper story room with the party down below. *** Throughout the New […]

  • Meditation in the rain

    In October, I visited New York for the anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s mahasamadhi. It is quite a meditative occasion. With less outer distractions and the inspiration of Aspiration Ground, I try to take the opportunity to meditate more than usual. The first few days it rained almost continuously. When in rains in New York, it […]

  • Nature vs Nurture – Is a poet born or made?

    For Sri Chinmoy, I have written an article on some personal experiences of self-transcendence. An article which bought back memories of winning Menston village fun run (under 7 category) and also coming last in a school cross country race (aged 15). In this article on sporting immortality, I failed to mention that I was […]

  • Meditate to remember

    Yesterday was our last running race of the season. A four mile race around the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in Cutteslowe Park. We have a ‘grand prix’ series with runners from different categories getting points and trophies. Before driving, I have a short meditation. Sri Chinmoy advised meditating for a minute for protection from accidents. […]

  • The freedom of birds

    When I bought a house, there was a separate garage built at the start of the garden. Initially I used the garage to store several bikes and innumerable random bits of bike components, (things which tended to lie around unused for year after year – but without ever able to really throw them away, because […]

  • Practising Japa

    When I joined Sri Chinmoy’s path, I was very keen to improve my meditation. I read the Meditation book by Sri Chinmoy and tried different meditation exercises, which were in the Meditation book. Amongst other exercises, I remember putting a picture of a black dot on the wall and staring at it for a few […]

  • Meditation

  • Articles on the Benefits of Meditation

    “When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still, silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul. When we live in the soul, we feel that we are actually meditating spontaneously” – Sri Chinmoy I have been meditating for several years and it […]