Articles on the Benefits of Meditation

“When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still, silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul. When we live in the soul, we feel that we are actually meditating spontaneously”

– Sri Chinmoy

I have been meditating for several years and it is one of the most enjoyable activities I do.

I learnt to meditate as a student of Sri Chinmoy, which emphasizes meditating on the spiritual heart.

I wrote an article on the benefits of meditation. here at Pick the Brain

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  1. I’ve been kind of following your cycling results for the last couple of years, sim[ply because I chanced upon your site showing your hill climbing bike. I’ve recently found that yoga is almost as much fun as cycling, and am going to attend a meditation workshop in a couple of weeks. Again, surfing around yoga and meditation websites, you rname appeared again. I wonder if you might write a paragarph or two about the link, if any, between cycling, yoga and meditation. I know that yoga’s helping me at the physical level, and I suspect that meditation will help me to focus… but I suspect that there’s a deeper link somewhere.

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