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  • Counting at the 24 hour race

    I have been counting at the Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race since 1999. Usually, I just come for the first 10 or 11 hours, then drive home and do a cycle race on Sunday. It’s a good shift, but I always feel a little bit like a part-timer compared to those who stay from start […]

  • Sri Chinmoy’s birthday August 27th 2016

    Sri Chinmoy’s birthday August 27th 2016

    Sri Chinmoy was born 27th August, 1931 in Shakpura, Chittagong, India (now part of Bangladesh). For disciples of Sri Chinmoy, August 27th is a special day, which we mark with a race, meditation and musical performances. This year, there were perhaps 1,000 people from all over the world who came to meet in Jamaica, Queens, […]

  • Jharna Kala sky

    Jharna Kala sky

    In New York, it can be harder to appreciate nature – eye level is dominated by high rise buildings and a mass of electrical and telephonic wires. However, we were driving up through Queens after a hard days work selling books, when the sky suddenly caught the eye. We had to strain the neck to […]

  • Digital detox and camp grounded

    I was interested in this new project in the US, Camp Grounded. A place where Americans pay over $500 for a weekend of digital detox. Participants pay the money to have their phones, watches, computers and electronic devices taken away from them for a few days. Instead, participants are given a feast of activities, such […]

  • The Dance of Life by Sri Chinmoy

    When I joined Sri Chinmoy’s path (back in 1999), I read poetry series like the Dance of Life and didn’t always appreciate them. I preferred reading question and answers, and talks like ‘Everest Aspiration‘. Many years later, I dipped back into the poetry series Dance of Life and, at this point of time, the poems […]

  • If you have inner peace

      I received this through the post today from a friend. A nice surprise. “If you have inner peace, nobody can force you to be a slave to the outer reality.” Sri Chinmoy [1]  

  • Peace Run meeting with Oxford Mindfulness

    Last week, I helped organise the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run on the day it was in Oxford. In the morning we visited the Oxford Mindfulness centre at the Warneford hospital in Headington, within the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry. The Mindfulness centre have been offering courses in meditation and mindfulness to help people deal […]

  • Famous last words – Tejvan

    An interview from Cycling Weekly, 2011. I talk about my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, meditation and carrot cake. I don’t think I mention my vegetarian diet, but I like the joke by Rob Hayles to the side. Q. What do we call people who don’t eat meat? A. Poor people!

  • The unexpected peace

    From a concert by the music group, Ananda – performing the songs of Sri Chinmoy.  Lord Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol, 13 December, 2015. The entrance to the concert was through a modest wooden door. In a street filled with the brilliance of commerce, it would have been quite easy to walk straight past. But this reserved […]

  • The Buddha’s silence wins

    One day the Lord Buddha was meditating. An elderly man came in and started abusing the Buddha most ruthlessly. The Buddha remained absolutely silent. How long could he continue his abuse? After a while he stopped and was about to leave the place. But the Buddha said, “Just wait, please. I have something to ask […]