Jharna Kala sky



In New York, it can be harder to appreciate nature – eye level is dominated by high rise buildings and a mass of electrical and telephonic wires. However, we were driving up through Queens after a hard days work selling books, when the sky suddenly caught the eye. We had to strain the neck to glimpse beyond the concrete blocks, but it rewarded with a beautiful patchwork of clouds – nature’s spontaneity created by the Supreme Artist.

It was an instant feeling of joy to see this free artwork high in the sky – the only thought that came to mind is how it intuitively reminded me of Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna Kala “Fountain Art” – an art which springs from a deep sense of creativity and inner depth.


I didn’t have my camera whilst driving, but on returning to the UK the sky kindly repeated the feat – if not quite as spectacular, it still it reminded me of the effortless, free-flowing patterns of spontaneity.


Sri Chinmoy said “Art is not something to be understood; it is something to be felt.” [1] In the case of mystic art, we need to enter the painting with the heart and soul, and not from the mind. With this spirit, we can start to feel the interconnectedness of the underlying, hidden realities that create the outer world from the inner spirit.


Jharna Kala by Sri Chinmoy


Jharna Kala by Sri Chinmoy


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