Garden late October 2017

It’s late October but still quite mild.  Some critics may say grass needs cutting but I’m walking on it a lot so don’t want to cut too low.

These bright pink flowers seem slightly out of place in mid-Autumn, but I’m not complaining. They have had a second spurt and look very colourful. 

View up the garden.

Just before I went to NY, I sowed some Kale seeds in pots. As an after-thought, I put some more direct in the soil. When I got back the seedlings in pots had died, but the direct sown did quite well. They are a bit overshadowed by a tree so not ideal place, but they’ve provided a meal when I’d run out of vegetables. Saved a trip to the supermarket; so it made squashing all those caterpillars worthwhile.

This is green manure. I had a lot of bare soil so sowed some borage and things to cover up bare soil. It may even flower before temperature drops. I will then put on compost heap.

An acer tree.

A rather bedraggled Rose. There is more pink flower than rose leaf.

Some late flowering Helenium

Sedums flopping over.

Sheds and garages. My shed is going to be moved from here to shady spot at end of garden. Paving slabs are for easier gardenning next year.


It’s been a bit of a dissappointing year for Penstemons, but now everything else is dying back, they are putting on a late-show and finally getting around to flowering. I forgot to get some flowers for a recent meditation class, so my penstemons and a few other things saved another trip to the supermarket.



2 Responses to Garden late October 2017

  1. Carol pettinger October 26, 2017 at 9:09 pm #

    Very nice tejvan. Shame about the edges!!!!

  2. Priyadarshan October 27, 2017 at 7:10 am #

    These photographs are so relaxing. One would feel like taking a chair and go sit in the garden for a while, to adsorb nature’s beauty.

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