Garden May 2015 – Wildlife and more

Back Garden

Some photos of back garden.

Trying to combine competitive cycling and gardening is difficult. You never want to over-tax your muscles after a long five hour cycle ride, so I tend to favour the cultivated meadow look.

I would call it – a contemporary combination of avant-garde style companion planting, innovate use of native wildflowers, informal approach to weeding and – a dash of sitting around admiring your handiwork with your feet up.

Back Garden

A garden is a place to be enjoyed, not just to work in.


Good for wildlife is important. I love to see the bees.

Back Garden

The camera doesn’t pick up the real feeling of the garden, but it also doesn’t show so many weeds.


Acer adds a dash of the exotic to a garden mostly using local and native species.

Daises Meadow

These daises are self sown and naturally come up in the grass. I just love the informal style of waving in the wind.

Back Garden


These Acquilega are also self-sown.

Back Garden

Comfrey provides quite a bit of welcome ground cover – good for the bees.

Back Garden
Back Garden

Back Garden

I planted a lavender bush in the middle of the grass. Brilliant.


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