Magdalen college photos

It is a cold and wet January, but sometimes when the sun comes out, you can get some good photos.


I was cycling back home at around 4.00pm and a few rays of a late winter sun, hit the light stonework of Magdalen College and Magdalen Tower.

Recently, they have been working to renovate Magdalen College and chapel, and they have done a great job in cleaning up the light coloured sand stone.


Busy High Street. If you look at the traffic level, you feel you’re in the middle of a city. If you look higher, you get a very different perspective.magdalen-tower-from-hs-3-1024

Magdalen Tower standing proud.


The view from the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed, so I was pretty close to Magdalen, with a strained neck looking up.


I don’t often take vertical shots. But, in this case, it works much better.