The benefits of being thin

I was re-reading A Corinthian Endeavour. It’s a curious mix of cycling champions – including some well known British cyclists like Chris Boardman, Malcolm Elliot and Darryl Webster, and then a tall thin chap who claims to eat a lot of cake.

When I was young, there was a time when I wanted to put on weight and become a rugby player. I was never successful in putting on weight, nor did I make it playing rugby. But, taking up cycling aged 27, made me realise being thin and low weight wasn’t so bad after all.


I’ve already reviewed the book at Cycling Uphill – A Corinthian Endeavour and there are some quotes from the book at: Sri Chinmoy Races

This is the introduction to the chapter 18 on the Stang, which had me laughing at the description of myself.

“Successful hill climbers are thin. Don’t let anyone suggest otherwise… In the jagged ranks of the thin men, Tejvan Pettinger is the tallest, thinnest man I’ve met for quite sometime. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone as thin and tall. His wrists are dwarfed by the thickness of the oversize handlebars; ankles are rounded pieces of dowel. It’s almost impossible to see where the power comes from…” (p.243)

The author Paul Jones did a good job with the book. He has talent to bring an obscure branch of cycle sport to life.

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