Parks and Recreation – best of American comedy

Generally, I’m not a fan of American comedy. But, I like Parks and Recreation a lot. It has very good characters and a good mix of gentle satire and sometimes is very funny.

As a vegetarian, yoga practising, socialist, my favourite character is Ron Swanson, the carnivorous, yoga hating, capitalist.

A close second is Andy Dwyer, I haven’t laughed out loud so much, since the first time I watched Fawlty Towers. It’s sometimes reminiscent of Monty Python in terms of being out there.

The other thing I like about Parks and Recreation is that although the people are caricatures of different aspects of modern America, it also portrays the best of America. Ron Swanson is outwardly the hard nosed uncaring Capitalist, but he also has a heart when it matters. Leslie Knope’s character (played by Amy Poehler) is also very good and she gives a really great performance, (although I’m glad there is a Ron Swanson character to make a joke about all the emotional stuff)

Overall, as Ron Swanson would say: It’s very good!