Photos of Waterperry Garden


Some photos from Waterperry Gardens, just outside Oxford, where I visited earlier this summer. It was a grey day, but the wonder of modern technology helped get some decent photos.


The ‘Quiet’ Garden.

There was a sign asking people to be quiet in this garden, so I sat in a corner and meditated after a fashion. It was spitting with rain, and I didn’t get much beyond seeing the shrub in the corner and thinking how it could do with its top half trimming. Not the deepest meditation, but still nice idea to have a quiet garden.

The funny thing is that my five minutes of quiet was interrupted – by a family coming in and talking very loudly about how this was a quiet garden and you couldn’t use your mobile phone.


The edge of the garden grounds runs past the River Thame (not to be confused with the River Thames, which does run through Oxford also (though we like to call the river Thames, the Isis in Oxford.)


There is always something enchanting about a wood and river edge.


Another view of the formal garden. The orange marigold really stand out in the restrained planting of the rest of the garden.


In between the plants.statue

The unidentified statues leaves it up to the visitor to form his own idea about the significance (if indeed there is any).

perhaps: ‘An offering of gratitude to Mother Nature.’



The long border was in full flower (early August)

grass cut

After grass cut.


A love these tall Verbascum which float well above head height. We had a lot in Lady Margaret Hall Gardens, and I took try to grow them in Oxford.


A wildlife meadow.


Beautiful herbaceous perennials.phlox

Phlox has the most delightful evocative scent. It reminds me of my childhood and my Grandma’s old house in Morecambe.


Dazzling Rudbeckia.


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