Photos from Kalamata Greece

Just before sunset on the beach.

A view from a mountain.

With photography I sometimes find a tension between capturing the moment, and living the moment. Given the natural beauty and light, I took less photos than I might. It was often just nice to absorb the atmosphere rather than worrying about trying to capture it.

The sea at Kalamata was enclosed by land in a natural enclave, and was usually very calm. On one day, we met a local man who holds a world record for free diving. Kalamata is a popular spot for free diving because the sea is usually calm. The diver said the secret to free diving was controlling the mind and becoming relaxed. He found his breathing exercises and meditation for diving changed his whole life for the better.

A slow moving tanker catches a few beams of sunlight.

Rain, ocean and tanker. I like the way there are two people photographing each other in the picture.

A partial sunset from my hotel vantage point.

I didn’t take my bicycle, but on arrival at the hotel, I had this tantalising view of hairpins cut into the mountain. As a climber this inspired me to go and hire a bicycle. The road was very new and not even on the map. It was beautifully engineered. To me, hairpins cut into the mountain side are a beautiful sight!

The new mountain road – This is what I could see from the hotel down below.

The view from high up.

The descent back to Kalamata.

Kalamata from a distance.

The Mediterranean.

A sunset caught on an iPhone. The picture isn’t quite as good as my other camera, but it’s not bad.

I climbed up this long winding climb on a hired bike. This is looking back down from where I came.

I made one side-trip to the Ruins of Olympia. The founding stage of the original Olympics. It was kind of interesting to see the old Olympic track.



Church Kalamata


Sunset again. Brave souls go for a swim.