New Planter in front garden

The greatest excitement of November 2020 is building a new planter for my front garden. I have spent most of 2020 looking out of front window so I got inspired to do something different. Out went the beautiful tree, in came this new planter.


I aspire to be a handyman one day. I spent quite a bit of time getting first level flat – using sand and spirit level. The patience worked well. It was quite satisfying building the lego like construction.

Half way

Full of soil. I placed several logs at the bottom to take up space – save a trip to tip and they will slowly rot over time releasing nutrients. It is 0.85 metres high.


Building the planter was fun, I had more conversations with neighbours walking past than the entire past 15 years of living there. A taxi driver who lives 5 doors down stopped and reversed his taxi to talk enthusiastically about it. A neighbour from two doors down gave me three primroses (they are keen gardeners) they didn’t know the day, happened to be the 21st – my 44th birthday. So that was good.

I will be trying to move the trees on the left so that I can build a second one and complete the front.

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