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The racing season

The racing season starts in February / March. On Friday, I did third race of the season – Buxton Mountain Time Trial.


Photo from Buxton Mountain Time Trial. You can only really appreciate the scenery after the race. But, racing does take you to different parts of the country, you never otherwise would visit.

I do most of my training on my own. It’s partly convenience of finding someone willing to go out at similar times and similar training efforts. But, also I quite like the solitary nature of cycling on my own. With all the solitary training, I like the racing season as it is good to meet others. The good thing about time trials is that everyone is doing their own race, so you don’t feel particularly competitive, but you can concentrate on doing your own race and own efforts of self-transcendence.


A great photo by Tony Wood. But, it shows me that my arm warmers were not quite put on in the right direction. At the time of the race, you want to get everything done quickly, but when viewing photos you wish you had taken more time to make it look right.

One of the challenges of racing is being organised – remembering every bit of clothing and bike equipment. Then you need to get ready and have everything organised at the right time. I’m often scrambling around the back of the car making last minute changes, finding a new pair of gloves, changing equipment. Continue Reading →


Clip from British Time Trial Championship 2015

In 2015, I entered the British Time Trial Championship. It was really expensive and awkward to enter.

Usually I do time trials governed by Cycling Time Trials, a UK body. But, this race came under UCI rules – the International cycling body have strict rules about size and shape of bike parts.

I had to spend £400 on a UCI fork and UCI compliant aerobars, to make my bike “UCI legal” Continue Reading →


Doping and cycling

I started watching professional cycling in the mid 1990s. One of my earliest memories was watching Bjarne Riis accelerating up a mountain  to defeat the five times winner Miguel Indurain. I didn’t know at the time, but Riis was doping on an industrial scale. His amazing speed was almost entirely due to the huge quantities of EPO in his system.


To later learn that the sport was essentially corrupt and full of doping was hard. The joy of sport diminished, and the result irrelevant.

In 2005, the journalist David Walsh was asked who do you want to win the Tour de France? He replied “I don’t mind. Anyone who is clean”. I agree with that sentiment 100%.

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Col du Tourmalet with Peace Run

A few weeks ago I was in the south of France for a weekend with the British and French Sri Chinmoy Centres. We were also joined by members of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.


I’ve always wanted to cycle in the Pyranees, so I took my bike. A good combination of circumstances allowed me to climb the Col du Tourmalet and reach the top, just as runners from the Peace Run also made it. The weather was variable and the road was closed first thing in the morning (because of snow). But, as we neared the top, the police re-opened the world the road


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