The Wrong Arm of the Law

The Wrong Arm of the Law is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in quite a while. It is beautifully scripted, classic British comedy. Their are strong influences of the Ealing comedies with a touch of Pythonesque humour. The characterizations are brilliant and the acting top notch.

The traditional British London crime mobs are done over by some visiting Australian criminals (pretending to be cops) Eventually, the British criminals get so exasperated they arrange to do a deal with the Scotland Yard to help catch the ‘rogue’ mob.

The cast list involves some of the great names in British film. Peter Sellers is on top form, alternating between a high class French ‘haute couteur’ salesman and a Cockney gangster leader.

There is a marvellous scene with the aggrieved criminals of London holding a forum where they air their grievances in the manner of a democratic trades union meeting. “It’s simply unethical that this mob is acting in a very underhand manner are disrupting the orderly function of crime in London, Comrades I move to a vote that we act now to stamp out this undignified behaviour.”

The script is scintillating with no shortage of irony, sarcasm, humour and wit. It’s a real delight – I was laughing all the way through.

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Cast Include:
Peter Sellers (Pearly Gates);
Lionel Jeffries (Inspector Fred ‘Nosey’ Parker);
Bernard Cribbins (Nervous O’Toole);
Davy Kaye (Trainer King);
Nanette Newman (Valerie)
John Le Mesurier … Assistant Commissioner
Wrong Arm of The law


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