Panorama Cafe

Since spending a week in Jamaica, New York, I have spent quite a lot of time in the The Panorama of my silence-heart cafe. 

Situated just 2 blocks away from my flat, it provides a convenient location for a cup of tea and somewhere to do a bit of work on a laptop.

The drinks menu is quite extensive, although I have only tested the teas and coffee’s. There is also a good selection of food, including salads, soup of the day and sandwiches. The soup of the day was particularly good accompanied by baguettes.

In the evening, there is often music and the cafe is thoughtfuly decorated; it gives the impression you could be in a large living room.
It’s all pretty good value, although it’s helped by the weakness of the dollar, which makes everything in the US seem half price.

I have helped Ketan design a website for the cafe which you can visit here: Panorama Cafe 

Panorama Cafe only opened fairly recently but it has already received some good reviews – Reviews of Panorama Cafe 

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  1. Lois Bravo April 24, 2008 at 4:18 pm #

    The menu looks great. If I am ever in New York I will have to find this place and have a wonderful lunch. 🙂

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