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In Oxford, we offer meditation courses 3 times a year as a community service on behalf of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Many people are interested in meditation for a variety of reasons such as deeper relaxation, inner peace and discovering more about our own self.

These are some of the Benefits of Meditation – an article at Write Spirit.

Also, Q.A. on the Benefits of Meditation

People may have preconceived ideas about what meditation is. However, in essence meditation is quite a simple exercise – we are basically trying to still the mind. This is an introduction to meditation, with some suggestions on How To Control our own thoughts.

Meditation and Music

Music can play a helpful role in meditation. Meditative music can help inspire our meditation and create an atmosphere conducive to stilling the mind. There is a good selection of meditation music at Radio Sri Chinmoy.

  • A popular recording is this flute music meditation by Sri Chinmoy Quick Time – listen now

Meditation Videos

These are some short meditation videos at Sri Chinmoy TV

More Meditation Links

Photo by Tejvan from Oxford Botanical gardens

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  1. Phyllis November 1, 2008 at 4:27 pm #

    I was diverted to this website from another of your website – economics help..may i know where is oxford botanical gardens? Where is the Sri Chinmoy center in oxford?

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