The genius of Peter Kay

I’ve just finished watching car share by Peter Kay. It was a great comedy with a lot of newness. The thing I love about Peter Kay is

  • He is very funny
  • He is big-hearted spirit – you could enjoy watching Peter Kay, even without the jokes
  • The comedy is a rare blend of the surreal and laugh out loud farces of modern life – it doesn’t need excruciating embarrassment (The Office style) or high levels of swearing (like many comedians). It is just a very enjoyable, uplifting comedy

Peter Kay is careful not to over-perform – he is happy to wait quite a few years in between projects. The result is we have to wait longer than we would like, but when he does appear, there is great freshness and originality.

The comedy is a slow burner – it doesn’t look to get a high number of jokes, whenever the opportunity arises. The comedy lulls you into the sense you are watching normal life. When the comic moment comes at an unexpected time, it is doubly funny because it is unexpected and somehow much more ‘real’ than some sit-coms which need to ‘force’ the comedy.

It must be hard to play opposite Peter Kay, but Kayleigh (played by Sian Gibson) does a great job in providing a wonderful foil and complement to the talents of Kay.

Peter Kay will just put a big smile on your face, a very rare quality – no wonder he is so popular.

Peter Kay on Michael Parkinson


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