Meditation – self effort and grace

An interesting feature about meditation is that sometimes, when you make a lot of effort, it feels like nothing really happens.

Yet, at other times, you make no seeming effort, but you can have a very good meditation.

This is an experience I remember from Oslo in June 2001. I was late for a talk by Sri Chinmoy. My mind was anything but calm and tranquil. I was physically uncomfortable – squashed at the back – without anywhere to sit. Yet, despite everything working against a good meditation – I had a very powerful experience of peace. It was a sense of peace that was very tangible; something that belonged to everyone and you felt a sense of gratitude for being able to experience.

I attribute this experience of peace to the power of Sri Chinmoy’s own meditation. He was adept in meditation and at times could infuse a room with a palpable sense of peace. Somehow, I was a little receptive on this occasion, and had this memorable experience.

Sri Chinmoy teaches that both personal effort and grace are needed in meditation. But, in this case, it felt like zero personal effort. But, then it is this kind of unexpected experience that encourages me to meditate everyday.

Another thing about the video. Why do I never like watching or listening to myself on video? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this.


  • Video at Sri Chinmoy TV

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